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Get Started    


License Key

In order to setup, you need to create or sign in to your account and obtain a license key.


Add the following code before the ending </body> tag in your html.

<button onclick="">Import Data</button>

<script src=""></script>

  // example config, read the configuration docs to learn more
  var importer = new FlatfileImporter(LICENSE_KEY, {
    fields: [
        label: 'Field 1',
        key: 'field1'
        label: 'Field 2',
        key: 'field2'
  importer.requestDataFromUser().then(function(results) {
    // do something with the clean data here like upload it to your server
  }, function() {
    // do something if the user closes the importer

Using NPM or Bower

If you don't like external dependencies, or you have a nice build system like Webpack in place. You can install and use Flatfile as an npm package.

npm install flatfile-csv-importer --save


bower install flatfile-csv-importer --save

What's Next

Learn more about configuring and using Flatfile in your application.

Simple Usage
ES6 / Babel Usage


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